Creating a Supportive Learning Environment

An Environment for Success

Creating an effective learning environment at home is one way to support your child to develop effective study habits and to get the most out of their education. Studies have long shown that parental involvement is crucial in providing positive educational development in children.

All children have a natural learning ability. Infants can be looked at as a “learning system,” using each new skill and movement within a safe and supportive environment. A child learns to fall before learning to walk, yet they never give into the fear of falling and stop walking. They end up walking within a fearless drive of determination and joy of learning within loving and secure surroundings.

Minimizing Distractions

Developing a supportive learning environment at home through minimizing distractions for the student such as background noise blaring from the television or stereo can help with channeling a child’s focus on studying more intently. Staying off of the internet might not be a bad idea either, as there is much online to distract and divert . However, if a child insists on having music in the background, soft classical music has been shown to stimulate brain activity while inducing a more relaxed mental state. Also, for every hour of studying, a break of ten minutes is supportive.

The Importance of Adequate Sleep to Learning

Adequate sleep is also crucial. Lack of proper rest will cause fogginess, memory loss, confusion and a block to learning and retaining new information. To make the most of students’ time spent while studying, it is necessary to provide a sustainable learning environment that promotes creative thinking, retaining new information and generate the motivation to stick with the subject at hand.




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