What is TechnoTutor?

TechnoTutor is an exciting research-based technology that is accelerating students’ learning abilities in the key areas of Vocabulary, Reading, and Mathematics.

What makes TechnoTutor so different?

Supports your child’s curriculum

  • enhances focus and attention in class
  • develops learning skills for study at home
  • prepares students to excel on exams


Each student’s learning needs evolve throughout their education. Whether your child needs to:

  • prepare for a new subject
  • remediate a skill or deficiency
  • or accelerate their current abilities

TechnoTutor is tailored to meet the individual needs of your student and is there for them all along the way.

Fun and Easy Way to Learn

When learning is no longer a struggle it becomes fun and enjoyable. All students like to do well and TechnoTutor is the perfect tool for students to develop a life-long passion for learning. Our programs

  • only requires 15 minutes a day
  • requires virtually no supervision which builds learning independence
  • keeps track of daily use and progress to promote self-discipline and self-motivation

Learn more about TechnoTutor by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions Page or by Contacting TechnoTutor.



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